Trussell Trust Food Bank 2018

The Treble


Now in its third year and doubling in food donations every year, The10thDay Ramadan Food Drive has just managed to donate 2.5 tonnes of food to the Christian Food Bank charity The Trussell Trust

This is enough to serve an impressive 7,500 food bank visitors.

Delivery was made 1 week after Ramadan, enough time to sort, pack and deliver.

Volunteers have worked tirelessly to make this happen.

Collaborations were made with several centres including IUS Aid.

A BIG thank you to everyone!

Amy Archie, manager of the Trussell Trust Central Manchester branch explains: “We are so very happy to receive such a huge donation. Its incredible. This makes a real impact on peoples lives.  We rely heavily on donations to help to feed our clients, so support like this makes our job so much easier.” 

She added, “ organisation and the values they have are truly fantastic, and we are hugely grateful for the work they do, which is helping to bring our community together, regardless of faith or background.

As you know, we believe “If not Brothers and Sisters in religion, we are all equals in humanity.”

This project has become a true inspiration for future generations, all in the name of Imam Hussain (a.s).


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