My Heart Beats Hussain (a.s)

You were born free,

but will you die free?


SHARE THE TRUTH is an Imam Hussain awareness organisation. Our single goal is to increase the awareness of Hussain and the lessons learnt from the story of Karbala. We want people from different ethnicities, backgrounds, religions and beliefs to be reminded of the true story of Karbala and that social justice and individual freedom in today’s society is attainable wherever you live.




There are hundreds of thousands of people living in the U.K today that have not heard of Hussain and the lessons of Karbala. Our hard working and devoted volunteers want this to end through programs that share the commonalities of Hussain in today’s society and reflect both the social justice and freedom he fought for.


Your time, talent and money can bring happiness to local communities by both charitable and humanitarian projects. Lets bring stronger social justice together!
Read the story of Hussain and what happened in Karbala. You will benefit and discover why our work is so crucial.
Your donations will not only help local humanitarian causes but also raise the awareness of Hussain.
See how you can actively help us increase the awareness of Hussain through voluntary community actions.

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