Trussell Trust Food Bank 2017

Can we beat it.. Yes we did.

We hoped 2017 would see us improve on last years ‘Trussell Trust Food Bank’ donation of 677kg.

We knew we could – and we did, as we are a committed group.

This year (2017) we provided 1064kg of food, which helped 3665 people across the North West of England who live below the breadline.

Through active humanitarian support, different communities are becoming better engaged and this helps us in the awareness of Hussain and the events of Karbala. That’s why we have on going projects providing opportunities for people, young and old, to engage with different faith and humanitarian projects in order to raise the voice of the10thday organisation.

In case you are wondering, this project required10 volunteers, all in the space of 1 month, the month of Ramadan.

Now measure our strength if we had 20 volunteers.


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